Rajma Recip

Different Preparation Styles of Rajma Recipe in Northern India

Rajma Chawal is the most predominant dish across Northern India. It is so popular that it has different iterations in each state comprising the Northern region of India. Let us see what makes this unique dish so satisfying and popular that every wants a mouthful of it.

Shoppers, office goers, students and even shopkeepers in North India enjoy the dish to the fullest. A plate of Rajma Chawal or rice and red kidney beans is enough to satisfy the craving of a person during midday in Delhi and entire North India. Rajma Chawal with chopped onions and mildly spiced mango pickle is the best accompaniment of this dish indeed. No dish of Rajma Chawal is complete with these accompaniments.

How Rajma Recipe Differs in Indian States?

Relished across the Northern States of India, the Rajma Chawal Recipe differs from regions to regions and households. Mainly popular in New Delhi, the Rajma Chawal is mainly prepared as gravy with tomatoes and onions in combination of different varying spice quotients. Some people tend to keep the gravy mild as they don’t want to shy away with the rich curry. But, in Punjab the things change as they tend to add some spices which leave the curry luscious red and spicy and to the topping small amount of ghee is added which further add to the eating experience luxurious.

Rajma Recip

Few kilometres from Punjab in Himachal Pradesh the gravy of Rajma is further modified with more ingredients to add new flavours. The basic gravy is made out of tomatoes and onions and few more ingredients are added with clarified butter to enrich its overall taste. The Rajma gravy tastes a bit different in Himachal Pradesh becuase of the curd and tamarind paste added in the recipe.

Further in North is the Jammu and Kashmir region where cooking style is a bit different from other parts of India. With curd being the shared ingredient in Rajma dishes, it is enriched with many other ingredients to enhance the taste buds of the eaters here. However, you will find a difference in the taste of Rajma gravy in Kashmir which is the colder region, unlike Jammu. Here Rajma is not the staple diet here like Jammu and the preparation style is also different in Kashmir. In Jammu, the gravy is thicker with curd and in Kashmir the gravy is thin and it includes meat or turnips into the gravy.

No matter, what is the preparation style of Rajma Recipe across Northern India; it will always remain the dominant dish across these states and in other states of India. It is the popular dish in occasions and never constitute for a traditional meat, despite rice being a staple.